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We are continuing to evolve and to adapt to our wonderful customers' needs. As we do so, we will be implementing our discount area "Two 'fers", where you will be able to pick up plants at a MASSIVE discount that need a little tender loving care.

On the right side of the house we have provided landscape design, installation and maintenance services. We will continue to build on this side of the business so that we can share our plants and knowledge with all of you. 
On that same note, we continue to have a goal of offering classes on a variety of subjects. If there were only a few more hours in the day, we would be there, but...c'est la vie! We will get there in time. This also fits well with our stated goal of being a useful and integral part of the local community. We love sharing our excitement and knowledge with others, and we especially love to see the smiles on the children as they feed the fish or smell a beautiful flower. 
​Speaking of beautiful flowers, we will continue to add to the landscaping at the site to both beautify and to educate. As you are likely aware, we try to not only delight the senses, but also the mind by presenting examples of unusual plants as well as unusual cultivars of common plants. Of course, we also like to showcase the "workhorses of the flower garden". Anyway, just stop on by and see what we're up to. We also have some expansion and building projects in the works, so you never know what new thing you might see! Happy Planting!

What's Next?